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By clever and proactive acion ROGGENBERG PROJEKTMANAGEMENT ensures, that costs, qualities and deadlines of any construction project are monitored and are kept under control from start to finish. This way ROGGENBERG PROJEKTMANAGEMENT guarantees a successful project completion. 

My service starts with a reasonable preparation of design and construction contracts, which is the basis of an effective and successful project control.

During the furher project ROGGENBERG PROJEKTMANAGEMENT takes over the operational responsibility and controls the conctruction process actively, always in the client's interest. This is achieved by the control of all information and communication flows, a continuous cost monitoring and a transparent time management. The surveillance of the compliance with defined quality standards, which is significant for the value of a building, completes my services.

Particularly in respect to the uniqueness and complexitiy of construction projects, it is crucial to develop an individual concept and to implement this with skill and experience. On that condition ROGGENBERG PROJEKTMANGAEMENT designs solutions for your construction project and takes care of a successful realisation.

A project control by ROGGENBERG PROJEKTMANAGEMENT allows an effective relief of the client.


Custom-focused advice leads to correct decisions, particularly with regard to the complexitiy of construction projects.

Therefore ROGGENBERG PROJEKTMANAGEMENT  gives its clients professional support in new

construction, reconstruction and refurbishment projects.

In the early project stage the client is supported with feasibility studies or economic considerations. During the construction phase you can rely on my expert advice and after building completion I care about building inspections, removal of defects and warranty tracking.


ROGGENBERG PROJEKTMANAGEMENT is spezialist for technical due diligences and  analyses real estates regarding strengths and weaknesses. 

Building fabric, building technology, building law, health and safety issues, functionality and economic efficiency are examined within the scope of my expertise. These information create the basis for an individual and well-founded decision of my clients.

A holistic assessment by ROGGENBERG PROJEKTMANAGEMENT offers valuable clues to possibilities and risks in terms of an acquisition of a real estate. I examine the constructional and technical condition and forecast capital expenditures for maintenance and reinstatement works.

Improvements of the utility value and of the functionality by possible redevelopment or refurbishment measures are analysed.

At the beginning we define project aims together and identify risks on basis of a standarised, efficient and comprehensive analyse.